Erotic Photography

Erotic photography is a style of photography where we take pictures of sexually provocative things. These can take on a wide range of different forms. The most common is stuff found naturally occurring. As if mother nature herself is shaping the world to look similar to the erotic and sexual parts of the human body. The other half of erotic photography is taking pictures of humans.

Nude Photography

It should be noted that their is great distinction between nude photography and pornographic photography. Nude photography is always other men and women who are completely naked. Their bodies on display for the viewer to admire. An open book showing all the intimate places and zones. On the other hand, erotic photography is often about what’s left unseen. Perhaps you see the top of the breasts but are left without viewing the nipple. Or maybe you can view the tapered and slender lower stomach and upper pubis, but it ends before reaching the vagina or penis.

Pornographic Photography

Pornographic photography is an entire different ball game. It’s less artistic, if it could be considered artistic at all. It focuses on the sex between people and not the art and beauty of the human form. While it has its place and many people enjoy pornography, it has no place in erotic photography. Neither should they intersect.

Why We Do It

They are normally intended to be sold and mass produced. We see that with many popular items such as calendars, pinups, magazines, and online advertisements. There are many different reasons people have these made. Ranging from purely monetary gains to becoming a sex symbol. No matter the reason it’s your job to ensure privacy and professionalism while on the job. Without that, the entire industry falls apart and gets viewed in a poor light.

What To Charge

How much you should charge clients depends on a few different factors. One of the most important factors is where you live. The prices in LA or San Fransisco are going to be significantly more expensive than say, Delaware. The other factor is your experience. As a new photographic you should expect to make as little as 50% of what a highly experienced erotic photographer may earn. It also depends on the wealth of the client. Sometimes you may have to take pay cuts if the person is desperate or strapped for cash. On the other hand if someone seems extremely wealthy you can charge more.


Another thing that decides price is what the client wants done. If it’s just simple pictures you would charge a simple rate. If they want to add other people, toys, or intricate places or movements, it will cost much more.


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